Sunday, August 29, 2010

Say WHAT???

I saw a show this evening that reminded me of something that long lay dormant.  Apparently, in order to aid weight loss, we should drink almost half our weight in water.

Say what?!

Are these people aware of how much I weigh?  And that consuming that much water will keep me in the bathroom 24/7?  Besides, I'm lucky enough to get 8 full glasses a day!

Anywho, I googled how much water one should drink each day and got multiple sites to help you calculate it.  The site I found most useful to me was this one at  It requires answering 9 questions, such as how much you weigh, how long you plan to exercise in a day, do you live in an excessively hot or cold climate, are you pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.  Altho a longer quiz than other sites had, what I like about this site is that it not only gives you the estimate of how much to drink but also a second, smaller estimate that accounts for eating a healthy diet.  For example, it told me I should drink 125 ounces of water, or 3.8 liters.  However, 20% of our water comes from the food we eat, so if I eat a healthy diet it told me I only need to drink 100 ounces, or 3 liters.

One more thing about water, a great thing you can do to aid digestion & weight loss is to squeeze some lemon juice into it.  Not only is lemon juice high in vit C, it also flushes out bacteria & toxins to help your liver produce more bile to aid digestion.  Fitness expert Jackie Warner mentioned on the show I was watching this evening that adding lemon juice to water speeds up your metabolism by 33%.  AND drinking 3 liters of water a day burns 75-100 calories!

I was recently told by my aunt that a doctor from Mexico told her the first thing she needed to drink in the morning was a glass of lukewarm water w/ the juice from 1/2 a lemon squeezed in it.  Our bodies are dehydrated from sleeping all night so we need the water, and the lemon juice can go straight to work w/ nothing else in our system to counteract it.  I've been trying it out this past week but after hearing all the facts about lemon water I'll have to make an even more conscious effort.

Drinking water w/ lemon has been a staple for me for years, so thankfully it won't be much of a stretch.  But like it or not, it seems like 3L of water is the magic number.  So, sorry if my blogging slows down.  I'll prob be in the bathroom.

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