Thursday, August 19, 2010

Days 9 & 10

Sorry for the belated logging!  It's been an exhausting week, with the traveling back and forth, and emotionally draining w/ the memorial, funeral and catching up with long-lost extended family.  Therefore, I didn't do too well w/ my eating.  So here ya go:

Breakfast:  Peanut butter & banana on toast, iced tea (needed some caffeine to get me through work!)
Lunch/Snack:  Almonds, grape tomatoes, Fiber 1 Peach yogurt
Dinner:  Philly Cheesesteak & fries.  Yup, you read that right.  We went out to eat w/ some family after the memorial.  I could've ordered the grilled chicken salad, but I didn't.  I guess I was making up for all the calories I missed earlier in the day...
Snack:  Kiwi

Exercise:  None (out late after the memorial)

Breakfast:  1/4 breakfast taco (scrambled egg on whole wheat tortilla.  Only had a tiny bit 'cause I was late leaving for the funeral)
Lunch:  BBQ brisket & smoked sausage, mashed potatoes, green beans (that were cooked w/ bacon, of course), cole slaw, 1/2 slice white bread, iced tea.  There was a catered lunch after the burial and it was some good TX bbq!  I ate abt 3 slices of brisket & 2-2" links of sausage.  And I did watch my portions, so that helped a bit.
Snack:  Kiwi & plum
Dinner:  Baked pasta w/ onions, zuchinni, yellow squash, mushrooms & mozzarella.  Salad w/ romaine, spinach, celery, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber & ground flax seed; dressed w/ Kraft Done Right Light Raspberry Vinaigrette.  I had a big portion of salad and small portion of pasta.

SparkPeople strength training exercises
SparkPeople bootcamp day 1 video x2 (20 min, total).  I'm still not brave enough to move on to day 2.  Lol.

Well, I'm over halfway through today and so far so good.  Hopefully I'll stay on track now that these big events are behind me.

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