Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th: Day 5

Breakfast:  2 slices whole wheat toast, peanut butter & a banana
Lunch:  Spinach salad w/ tomatoes, radishes, chickpeas & feta; dressed w/ olive oil and red wine vinegar
Snack:  Stacy's Pita Chips & hummus
Dinner:  Chile Rellenos (a stuffed, battered & fried poblano pepper . . . yeah, we needed more comfort food tonight) stuffed w/ ground turkey & mozarella and it was dipped in white wheat flour at least!; Mexican rice (made w/ brown rice), charro beans (Mexican pinto beans), string beans . . . that i dipped in the remainder batter 'cause I didn't want to waste it . . . so it was like a Mexican Vegetable Tempura! 
Snack:  1/2 cup red grapes, 1/2 kiwi -- the other half looked a bit dodgy, so I chucked it

None.  I was too full and lethargic after such a heavy, greasy dinner!  Lol!

I know it was a mighty heavy dinner, but I made healthier adjustments where possible.  I wanted to make something special for my dad.  His sis in law passed away this a.m. and he was gone most of the day w/ the fam.  Hence a second day of comfort food.  But I don't plan on eating fried foods again anytime soon.
I'll be in Waco tom for my nephew's bday party, so no telling what I'll be eating!  I'll try to be as good as possible. 

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