Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 3

Breakfast:  Turkey Sandwich (Odd choice, I know, but my dad made me a sandwich for lunch and I ate it for breakfast and took a salad for lunch); Pepsi One
Snack:  Trailmix (peanuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips & Craisins)
Lunch:  Small Taco Salad serving.  No guac this time.  :o(
Dinner:  Italian pasta . . . 2 servings . . .
Snack:  Sugar-free Jello

30 laps in pool
200-ish leg lifts in pool (I lost count, hence the 'ish cause I did abt 50 extra)
50 psuedo-jumping jacks in pool
10 min Boot Camp Day 1 video (posted below coming as a separate post because for some reason the embed feature from youtube isn't working in this post)

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