Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 20

Breakfast:  Cottage Cheese & Pear
Snack:  1/2 Low Sugar Whole Wheat & Oatmeal Blueberry Muffin w/ Lemon
Lunch:  Whole wheat lasagna, salad w/ tomatoes, cucumber & Italian dressing
Snack:  1/2 whole wheat pita w/ WW cream cheese & cucumbers
Dinner:  Southwest Frittata (turkey smoked sausage, onions & eggs...didn't have salsa), refried beans, whole wheat tortilla
Snack:  Cuppa & blueberry muffin

25 min swim

Overall, had a better day food-wise & calorie-wise.  Could prob eat fewer carbs, tho.  But at least they were all whole grains and no junky ones today.
I had to force myself to exercise today.  Just wasn't feeling it.  Still quite emotional for some reason, so that's prob why I didn't feel like doing anything.  I was already in the pool when I realized how pleasant the weather was.  I almost wish I had gone walking instead, but I still had a nice, peaceful swim and I can feel it in my arms.
Let's hope I can stay on track Sunday & have a good weigh-in Monday!

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