Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sorry I got so far behind with logging my food!  I went to Waco on Tuesday to pick up my nephews and niece and brought them back to Houston (the same afternoon!).  So I've had a taste of what it's like looking after 3 kids from morning to evening, all the while having to plan their meals, entertainment, settle disputes, etc.  Whew!  You mothers are amazing! 

Without further adieu, here is the good, the bad and the ugly of my eating this week:

Tuesday, Day 23
Breakfast:  Leftover lassagna & handful of carrots (odd choice, I know, but I wanted something filling so I wouldn't be tempted w/ fast food while spending 6 hrs in the car.  Did it work?  Keep reading...)
Lunch:  McDonalds McDouble (yeah, didn't help so much, but at least I didn't have fries!), Diet Coke, almonds
Snack:  Yum-Yum Mix (a trail mix my nephews, niece, and SIL put together.  It has peanuts, raisins, craisins & semi-sweet chocolate chips)
Dinner:  Sandwich & about 10 McD's fries (when we stopped for a restroom break I got some fries for the kids and took a few from each packet), 1/2 sugar cookie
Snack:  Watermelon

No exercise.

Ok, so Tuesday wasn't that great.  Stupid McDonald's and salt cravings!  One good thing is I did get 10 glasses of water down my pipe!  And had to make pit stops during each trip!

Wednesday, Day 24
Breakfast:  Whole wheat pita w/ WW cream cheese
Lunch:  Salad w/ romaine, tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas & feta; dressed w/ red wine vinegar & olive oil
Snack:  Banana
Snack:  Stacy's pita chips & hummus 
Dinner:  Turkey hot dogs on whole wheat buns w/ lentil chili, onions, relish & cheese; serving of Lay's classic potato chips (I had another moment of weakness RE salt)
Snack:  Cuppa & toast w/ peanut butter & cherry jam

Exercise:  35 min in the pool, but was hard to get consistent laps in while dodging 3 little monkeys jumping in the pool, but I did my best!

Met my water goal of 12 glasses!

Thursday, Day 25
Breakfast:  Oatmeal (sweetened w/ Splenda & a light sprinkle of light brown sugar.  Mmmm...)
Lunch:  Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup w/ thinly sliced round beef.  I took the kids 'cause they love learning about and trying foods from other cultures.  For an hour I forgot I was on a diet!  Lol!  But when I got home I was shocked to discover Pho doesn't have loads of calories!  Still, I would prob only eat it ever once and awhile 'cause it can be pricey!), fresh shrimp spring roll, fried egg roll
Snack:  Pear & Kiwi
Dinner:  Turkey chili, brown rice & helote (corn on the cob w/ Mexican style dip/sauce I mentioned a few wks ago - mayo, chili powder & hot sauce)
Snack:  Pita chips & mozzarella
Late Snack:  1/2 cup serving frosted mini shredded wheat w/ milk (I had a craving and it wouldn't go away!)

No exercise.

Drank 12 glasses of water!

Friday, Day 25
Breakfast:  Frosted mini shredded wheat w/ milk
Lunch:  Whole wheat pita w/ hummus, cucumbers, romaine; cherry tomatoes on the side; 10 M&M's
Snack:  Pear
Snack:  Stacy's Pita Chips & guacamole (my nephew made it and he was very excited about it!  It was yummy, too!)
Dinner:  Turkey Meatloaf, broccoli, sweet potato mash
Snack:  Watermelon
Snack:  Saltines & cheese (again w/ the salt cravings!)

No exercise

Drank 11-12 glasses of water (I lost track . . . but anything over 10 is considered goal met in my opinion!)

With the exception of Tuesday's McDonald's I managed to keep on track w/ my calories.  Again, I'm prob eating more carbs than I should and I obviously had major salt cravings this week.  Altho I haven't exercised as much as the previous weeks, I am moving around loads having to keep up w/ the kiddos.  And I'm thinking the drinking-3-liters-of-water-each-day-to-burn-75-to-100-calories thing might actually be working b/c to my shock and amazement, despite the daily indulgences and lack of movement, I'm a few ounces less than I was on Monday!  However, we'll see for sure on the official weigh in this coming Monday . . .

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