Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HCGee, I'm hungry!

Ok, so obviously I didn't keep up with the whole diet and exercise thing. Life got in the way. My grandma passed away and then my uncle's cancer started rapidly progressing shortly thereafter. We lost him just a week before Christmas. After the dust from all that settled, the reality of being unemployed for over a year hit me. Thankfully, the Lord opened a door at a school for a long-term subbing position and that has led to full-time employment for next year! PTL!

Anywho, back to the hungry part.

Basically, I stopped trying. I stopped logging my calories. I stopped exercising. I stopped weighing-in. I stopped caring.

And then before I knew it my clothes stopped. They stopped being comfortable. They stopped hiding my rolls. They stopped fitting.

Something had to be done.

I was sick of trying the same old. I start off motivated and then lose steam after a few weeks and months of seeing no change. I could never lose more than 20 lbs; if that!

Some co-workers started a new diet and were disappearing before my eyes. I asked them for their secret. Simple: HCG. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. (Don't ask me how to pronounce that, and please click the link for a definition; I'm too famished to type it all out here!)

I thought they were crazy -- drops that curbed hunger so much they only needed to eat 500 calories per day?! Say WHAT?! I could never be that disciplined. Or crazy.

Well, turns out I am that crazy.

However, it has yet to be determined whether I am that disciplined.

I've survived four official days so far: two days "loading" on fattening foods while starting the drops, and two days on the 500 calorie diet.

I gained 1 lb. during the loading days.  I lost 4.4 lbs. after one day on the strict diet! I couldn't believe it, so I had to weigh myself three times -- each time it was the same!

My friends/coworkers are so happy for me and very supportive. Sadly, school is over in a few short days and my daily support system will disappear. I know I can still call, text and email, but it's not the same. So, as added accountability it's my intention to regularly post here again. I probably won't post my daily weigh-ins and food log everyday, but I'll do my best. I'll probably talk about all the foods I miss as well. And talk about how hungry I am.

Call me crazy, but you know what they say about desperate times -- it calls for desperate dieting!

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