Saturday, June 4, 2011

I text my SIL this afternoon to let her know I'm still going strong on HCG. 10.2 lbs lost since weigh-in Tuesday -- that was only 4 days ago! It's all so mind-boggling and hasn't quite set in . . . but that's for another post.

Anywho, she asked me what I eat and I figured I'll let all you know. But since all I hear are crickets on this site these days (my own fault, I know), I'll let them know instead.

The brand of HCG I'm using is Healthy HCG. The ABSOLUTE only reason I'm using a product from the internet is because I know others who have used the brand and have been very successful on the diet with no health problems or negative side effects. Otherwise I wouldn't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole and would still be 10 lbs heavier.

Every day I'm allowed 2 servings from each category:
~3.5 oz. of protein (I've mostly been eating chicken breast, but yesterday I had some beef fajitas and today I had low-fat cottage cheese!)
~Veggies (I stick with fresh spinach, tomatoes, romaine lettuce & cucumber. There are more options but this is all I've had so far.)
~Fruit (only apples, oranges, strawberries, & 1/2 grapefruit)
~Starches (1 Melba Toast; I have 1 serving of Melba Snacks since I couldn't find the full-size Melba Toast at the store)

The only stipulation is you cannot eat 2 from the same category at one meal. So that means lettuce with no tomatoes; cooked cabbage with no onions for flavor; cucumbers with no hummus to dip it in. Ok, so chickpeas aren't a veggie, but we're still not allowed to eat them!

I'm learning some tricks, tho. For example, sometimes I'll eat half a serving of fruit and then save the other half for a snack later. I don't know if it's completely legal, but it's what my friend's do. And yes, if they jumped off a bridge I would too!

I'll leave you with a snapshot of my dinner from the other day:

That's 3.5 oz of cooked chicken breast cut up and seasoned with a bit of cumin, cinnamon, salt & pepper. Boiled in about half an inch of water, of course, since no oils are allowed. I had to have it with a cup of strawberries since I reached my limit of veggies by eating tomatoes for breakfast and spinach for lunch. I ended up eating all the chicken first, then squeezed some lemon juice and sprinkled some pepper over the strawberries. Sounds odd, but it's oh so yummy! Even better if you use lime juice instead! I washed it all down with an ice cold glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.

I'm sure I was still hungry after I ate it all . . .


Debs said...

Sounds a bit weird to me honey, so take care of yourself ok? Remember that if you can't do something long term then the likelihood is that pounds may come back on once you stop.
And remember that I love you!

Debs said...

Hey boo, how's things going? update this blog!

Dheeraj said...

i am also taking HCG Dietfrom last week and really happy with result i am getting but i am anxious if it has side effects later